A Tallit: the perfect Judaica gift


A Tallit: the perfect Judaica gift
In the classic joke about bar mitzvahs, the boy begins his speech with the words, “Today, I am a fountain pen.”  It’s a joke that doesn’t resonate as much anymore today because the fountain pen has ceased to be the fallback gift for this occasion – today’s bar mitzvah boys are far more likely to receive gift cards for the iTunes store or a new gadget, phone, or device than any kind of writing instrument.
But if you’re looking for a gift with Jewish significance, neither a fountain pen nor a gift card is exactly the right present.  For close relatives looking to buy something ahead of time that will be a crucial part of the big day, a Tallit can make a perfect gift.
Beyond bar mitzvah, a new Tallit is also a great gift for a Jewish groom – plan to give it to him well ahead of time so he can wear it to his Aufruf, when he is called to the Torah the Shabbat before the wedding.  It’s even possible to order an extra-large Tallit that can serve as a chuppah (canopy) during the wedding itself and become a priceless family heirloom.
When giving a Tallit as a gift, it’s always best to consult the recipient to make sure it’s going to be one he absolutely loves.  With many options to customize a handwoven Tallit, it can be created specifically to his size and color preferences – perhaps even adding a verse to commemorate the occasion, or his own name.  Whichever Tallit he chooses, it’s a far more personal and meaningful touch than a fountain pen – or gift card – ever could be.


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