Bar Mitzvah Tallit


Bar Mitzvah Tallit

Like father, like son.  Bar Mitzvah is a time when a Jewish boy takes his place at the front of the congregation – an adult at last, at least in the eyes of Jewish law.  So what better gift for the occasion than a Tallit, the traditional garment he’ll use to wrap himself up in at the long-awaited moment when he’s called up to the Torah?
Along with tefillin and a kippah, a handmade Tallit makes a terrific present either on its own or in a gift set,
offering just the right traditional touch for this important occasion.
While those of Ashkenazi (European) descent do not wear a Tallit for regular prayer services until they are married, most Jewish boys of Sepharadi (Mizrachim, “Middle-Eastern”) descent wear the Tallit every single weekday after they become Bar Mitzvah. 
Even Ashkenazim, however, wear the Tallit whenever they are called to the Torah, whether married or not.  Some simply borrow one until they are married, but with his own very Tallit, the Bar Mitzvah boy will feel even more at home in the synagogue, putting it on with pride each time he participates in the service, surrounded by its fringes and its solemn and holy weight.
This is a particularly special gift when given by grandparents – perhaps a beloved grandfather has a memory of receiving his own first Tallit at his Bar Mitzvah or wedding.  Look for a style that will grow with the Bar Mitzvah boy without weighing him down and it will be a present he will cherish
long after the music and lights of his special day are behind him.

Custom made Bar Mitzvah Set by Tallis Man


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