Handmade Bar Mitzvah Tallit

Bar Mitzvah Tallit

A tallit (often called “tallis”) is one of the most popular traditional Judaica gifts for a boy turning 13 and reaching the age of Bar Mitzvah.  Now, there’s a way to add even more meaning to the gift by giving a tallit that has been hand woven by an artisan living in a small community in southern Israel.
Inspired by techniques learned in the holy city of Tzfat (Safed), our tallitot are hand-woven by professional weavers using the finest materials from the Land of Israel.  With a wide range of colors to choose from, you will find designs that are modern and traditional, reflecting both taste and tradition in a garment that is suffused with spirituality and is certain to elevate and inspire any occasion.  If you don’t see the colors that you prefer, please contact us and we are happy to create a custom order.
The tallit is an ancient symbol of Jewish devotion, and our goal is to restore the quality and authenticity of this symbol and make our legendary craftsmanship available for a reasonable price no matter where in the world you find yourself.  By seeking out and selecting a genuine Israeli product, you are creating an unbreakable link with the Jewish people across time and history, and giving the gift of true Jewish continuity.


רשומות פופולריות